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The concerned parents

At the time I was a senior investigator with a large U.S. agency. This agency usually didn’t get involved with domestic cases. Well, business was slow so my supervisor called me and advised that he had a special case for me. Upon arriving at his office, we sat down, had coffee and he said “hey Rodney, I got a good one for you” (case). He stated “we have some parents who has a daughter that is considering getting married to what her parents feel was an undesirable young man. So, he handed me the packet with all the pertinent information and pictures of both the daughter and her boyfriend and a few statements from the parents in reference to the business that their daughter was in and also her resident and business location.

A little background on the daughter, she was from a foreign country. Her parents adopted her as an infant. The parents were prominent residents of Metro Detroit. The parents enrolled her in some of the most esteemed schools in the Metro Detroit area. The daughter attended an Ivy league University, graduating at the top of her class. She returned to the Metro Detroit area to establish and run her the business that she studied for. The parents actually purchased a building that the daughter could use for her business. This location also contains office space that she could rent out to others that were operating within her profession.

The next morning, I telephoned the client (parents) to see if we could meet up to gather more information in reference to the case. The mother advised me to meet at her residence at approximately noon. Upon my arrival, I noticed an approximately 4500 sq. ft. brick mansion that was in an exclusive area in the city of Detroit. The landscaping was very manicured. A Rolls-Royce and a large Mercedes were parked in front of the attached garage. I exited my vehicle and walked up to the residence, knocked on the door which was answered by a very esteemed female, in her mid-70s who identified herself as the complainant (the mother). She invited me into the residence and told me to have a seat. We sat in the living room area, she asked if I wanted anything to drink? I said “no ma’am”. She advised me that she was very concerned about the young man that her daughter spending a lot of time with. She also stated that the daughter told her that the young man made a marriage proposal to her. The mother was very worried because this was the first relationship that she (the mother) knew her daughter was having; however, it was brought to her attention by the daughter that this young man had prior relationships that also included children. The mother also stated that she was very concerned because her daughter had a professional license however, this young man was only a security guard. She was worried that he was enticing her for her financial status, more so than a relationship. The mother continued that she believed that he may be involved in several relationships. At that time, I asked her “how did you determine that he is involved with several relationships”? She stated “because all those types do that”. Well, we chatted for approximately 10 minutes when her husband entered the room. He was a tall, in great shape, very professional looking gentleman in his late 70’s. He was what you would call a man of very few words. He said hello to me and then just departed the room. I thanked the mother for her business and advised her that I’ll get right on the case. At that time, she decided to tell me that she had hired an investigator in the past, that she thought was very unprofessional. This investigator gave her handwritten notes with Polaroid instant type pictures of her daughter and the young man together. I advised her that I would be using video tapes, digital cameras and all reports will be typed out.

(Day one): At approximately 7:00 AM, I travel to the daughter’s listed residence. I position myself approximately two blocks from the residence using binoculars and the surveillance vehicle’s camera. A late model black, GM Pontiac sedan that was listed as owned by the boyfriend was parked in the driveway of the daughter’s residence. The daughter’s new Lexus 300 was parked in front of the boyfriend’s vehicle. At approximately 8:30 AM the boyfriend was observed departing the residence and driving away in his vehicle. I began to follow the boyfriend. He traveled to a residence approximately 3 miles east of the daughter’s resident, parked his vehicle in front of that residence and entered same. After one (1) hour he departed the resident and got back in his vehicle driving west. He ended up driving at a mega church that is located at the far west side of the Detroit Metro area. He entered the church. After he was at the church for approximately one (1) hour, I decided to use a pretext (a make-believe reason) for entered the church. A young lady that was working in the church office advised me that, the only thing going on at the church at this time was a pre-marital counseling class that was being held by one of the church’s associate pastors. I remained at the church’s location until the boyfriend’s departure approximately one hour later. At approximately noon he returned to the daughter’s residence. No other activities were observed the first day.

(Day two): Started at 7:00 AM, I position myself close to the same location as the prior day. At this time the daughter’s vehicle was not observed at the residence. However, the boyfriend’s GM Pontiac sedan was at the location. At approximately 10:30 AM the boyfriend departed the residence and began traveling east. After approximately 4 miles he parked in front of a single-family dwelling that had a bunch of kids toys throughout the front yard of the residence. The boyfriend was observed entering the resident, as soon as he opened the front door without knocking, a little toddler ran to his arms. He remained at this residence for approximately 2 ½ hours. At approximately 1:00 PM the boyfriend was observed dressed in a navy-blue security uniform, he entered his vehicle and drove to his work location that’s located near the Detroit city center area. He was observed assuming a security post at the front entrance of the building. At that time, I called my supervisor and the client (parent/mother) advising them of the circumstances. We all determined that there was no need to continue a surveillance at the boyfriend’s work location. Taking advice from the mother/claimant, the next surveillance would be conducted doing the evening hours to be more productive.

(Day Three): The surveillance was started at approximately 7:00 PM from a different vantage point, approximately two blocks from the daughter’s residence. At this time the daughter’s vehicle the Lexus 300 was observed parked in her driveway. The boyfriend vehicle was not observed. At approximately 9:30 PM, the boyfriend’s vehicle was observed arriving at the daughter’s residence. He departed his vehicle dressed in his security uniform, with his shirt unbuttoned, entering the daughter’s residence at this time. No other activities were observed, so I discontinued the surveillance at approximately 1:00 AM.

(Day Four): I returned to the surveillance location, that being the daughter’s residence at approximately 7:00 PM. Again, the daughter’s vehicle was observed parked in the driveway. The boyfriend’s vehicle was not present. At approximately 9:30 PM, I observed the boyfriend’s vehicle approaching the residence at a high rate of speed, with his hazard lights flashing. After approximately 20 minutes, the boyfriend was observed escorting the girlfriend to his vehicle, leaving area at a high rate of speed. I followed the vehicle to a hospital located on the northwest side of the city of Detroit. They were observed approaching the hospital’s emergency entrance, where he secured a wheelchair for her and entered the emergency room. After observing all of these activities, I notified my supervisor and the client. The client(mother) advised me that she had received a call from the hospital in reference to her daughter and that she was traveling to that direction at this time. she advised me to discontinue the surveillance until further notice.

I continue my regular investigator activities, doing background checks and surveillances for insurance companies for approximately two weeks. I received a call from my supervisor telling me to contact the client from the above case. I called her and she asked to meet me at her residence. I arrived there at approximately 3:00 PM. She advised me that, the day that her daughter was rushed to the hospital by the boyfriend, she was actually having a miscarriage (baby). And that she was happy that, that happen because she didn’t want her beautiful daughter being stuck with a baby from undesirable individual (the boyfriend). The mother stated that she still wanted my agency to continue the investigation of the boyfriend. At that time, I contacted my supervisor and we both decided to discontinue this case. The claimant contacted myself and advised that she was happy with our services and that she didn’t understand why we would not continue the investigation. I, at that time advised her that usually this agency doesn’t conduct this type of investigation. Therefore, we were discontinuing this investigation however, we would be happy to give all the information that we gathered to whatever investigative company she decided to hire if she decided to continue with another company.

Final determination; the daughter and boyfriend had eloped to get married months prior to this investigation. The boyfriend was attending marriage counseling at his church to better his relationship skills. The daughter was approximately six months pregnant and did not inform her mother of the same when she had her miscarriage.

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