Notary Services

Documents that Require Notary Services

People often wonder about the essence of notary services and the importance of the same. The main work of notary services is to notarize documents by verifying their authenticity. Ultimately, protecting the signer as well the purpose of the documents. The following are some documents that we verify via our public notary services.


  1. Affidavits: Typically, it is an affirmation statement confirmed by oath. We review affidavits to verify that it will be used for its intended purpose

  2. Power of attorney: It’s a document that legally appoints someone to make financial decisions on behalf of another one

  3. Deed of trust: We often notarize this document when a client is purchasing a new home or taking a mortgage

  4. Business documents: Most businesses operate with numerous legal documents. Business registration and business permits, among others. Notarizing business documents generates trusts increasing chances of closing more business deals

  5. Medical records: A document that allows someone to obtain another person’s medical records requires notarization